Research Network 6: Learning Cities and Learning Regions

Network Coordinators:
Denis Barrett,
Cork City Council,
Cork Institute of Technology, UCC
Cork, Ireland
Email: denis_barrett@CORKCITY.IE
Professor Yukiko Sawano,
Department of Education,
University of the Sacred Heart,
Tokyo, Japan
Email: yukiko.sawano@NIFTY.COM
European Coordinator:
Dr. Balázs Németh,
University of Pécs,
Pécs, Hungary
Email: nemeth.balazs@PTE.HU
Asian Coordinator:
Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul
Faculty of Education,
Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok, Thailand
Email: suwithida@YAHOO.COM
As this is a new network, we are inviting researchers with an interest in this area from Asia and Europe to participate. Please email ( to express your interest.

Learning Cities and Learning Regions

This network will seek to build a strong research base that spans the many dimensions of Learning Cities and Learning Regions. More and more cities (and Regions) are self-describing as ‘learning’ and many are joining global networks like the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities. There are virtually as many understandings of what a learning city might be as there are active learning cities.

There is a huge wealth of practical examples of inter-city, city level, sub-city, and neighborhood initiatives under the banner of learning cities. UNESCO provides a list of key determinants of what a learning city should aspire to be. In terms of good practice, there is a proliferation of ideas and models. However, the research field is still relatively underdeveloped.

This network hopes to bring together a range of researchers from across the ASEMcommunity, spanning a diversity of disciplines, approaches, and theories. It also hopes to engage with laboratory cities and regions. The network aspires to include high-level researchers (across the disciplines), examples of good practice, bottom-up citizen science initiatives, and engagement with policy-makers with a view to enriching the field in terms of theories, concepts, methodologies, and policy formation.

It will align with the common project of Lifelong Learning research across the ASEM LLL Hub and engage with the other Research Networks on this common project. It intends to work in partnership with UNESCO.

Our Events

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