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University Council

University Council

The ASEM LLL Hub University Council consists of senior representatives nominated in the Letter of Intent by each partner university. The Council holds its meeting alongside the ASEM LLL general conference.

University Partnership

The ASEM LLL Hub University Council operates on the principle of institutional partnerships, which are established voluntarily. Universities in ASEM member countries express their interest in and commitment to the ASEM LLL Hub in the form of a Letter of Intent addressed to its Secretariat.

The following principles guide the ASEM LLL Hub Partnership:

  • the Partnership is open and evolutionary; its purpose is to strengthen Asia-Europe cooperation (anchored in ASEM process) for the specific field of lifelong learning, which is both a policy priority in both world regions and a growing specialist research topic;
  • the Hub Secretariat examines each institutional candidature to join the Partnership on individual merit and in the light of its prospective contribution to ASEM LLL Hub activities; substantial research capacity in the lifelong learning field is the core criterion, as demonstrated by dedicated research centres, thematically specialised degree courses and academics with recognised reputation in the field;
  • institutional partners are expected to support the active involvement of those academic members of staff affiliated to the Hub's research networks, enabling them to take part in working meetings and conferences, joint research projects and exchange visits in both directions (sending and hosting).