ASEMagazine no.7

Lifelong Learning and Young People’s Engagement

ASEMagazine no.7

Dear Readers,

You are reading the seventh issue of the ASEMagazine for Lifelong Learning which focuses on lifelong learning and young people’s engagement.

Young Australians’ post-school futures are uncertain, insecure and fluid in relation to working life. But if you think that this is the recipe for a next generation of depressed young Australians, you may be wrong – this is the claim from Associate Professor Lucas Walsh from the Faculty of Education at Monash University in his article “Optimistic expectations”.

In the article “Big trouble with smooth transitions”, Senior Analyst Stéphanie Jamet from OECD describes how the cost of the difficulties faced by young people in their transitions is perhaps not sufficiently considered by governments. OECD countries have trouble achieving a smmoth transition.

In the view of Senior Lecturer Brigitte Steger from University of Cambridge we are not as good at taking naps as in Europe. Sounds strange – get the answer in the article “Sleeping through class to success”.

The article “Active ageing, active learning” by David Istance from OECD underlines the importance of lifelong learning. Learning is a crucial ingredient of staying active.

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Anders Martinsen
ASEM LLL Hub Secretariat
Copenhagen, November 2015


ASEMagazine No7 November 2015

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