RN2 Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria, July 2011

RN2 Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria, July 2011
Photo: Kathrin Helling

ASEM LLL Research Network 2 Meeting
11-13 July 2011, University of Innsbruck, Austria

This meeting included three sections:

  • Follow-up to the RN2 survey: comparative analysis and interpretation
  • Workshop papers by network members related to the overall theme
  • Activity plan through to the next ASEM LLL Hub Conference in Copenhagen, Spring 2012.

The meeting identified six new possible themes, all of which would be studied from a comparative perspective:

  • Roles and professional development of ‘industry educators’ (i.e. trainers, supervisors, mentors/counsellors etc. at the workplace)
  • Family-company value systems, learning and democratic working organisations
  • Gendered learning organisations: cultures, practices and communities of power and recognition
  • Affective commitment and active citizenship: the significance of personal development and emotional engagement to company and workplace learning cultures and practices
  • Innovation and development: cycles and pathways of polarisation and diffusion in the distribution of learning opportunities and participation in expanding work organisations
  • Research paradigms and methods: gaining Ragan’s functional equivalence in European-Asian inquiry that takes serous account of cultural difference.

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