VN Forum Day 2

Day 2 – Tuesday 7 December

Morning plenary session “LLL Research Results and Practices”
Chair: Dr. Gwang Jo-Kim, Director, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok


Presentation 1: National Strategies for Lifelong Learning
Deputy Director General, Dr. Han Min, China National Centre for Education Development Research, Ministry of Education, China.


IL0U6119 Jing Yang 

Presentation 2: Building Learning Cities/Communities as a Strategy for Promoting Lifelong Learning
Dr Jin Yang, Senior Programme Specialist, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Germany.



Presentation 3: Learning at Work: Employee Perceptions and Practices in Asia and Europe
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lynne Chisholm, University of Innsbruck, Austria


IL0U6169Presentation 4:Analytical and Mathematical Competence Development across Lifespan
Professor Lena Lindenskov, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark.


IL0U6178 Taerim Lee 

Presentation 5: White Paper on eLearning in six ASEM Countries: the Role of eLearning in Lifelong Learning
Professor Taerim Lee, Korea National Open University.

IL0U6185- Shah and Susanne 


Presentation 6: Teachers and Trainers in Adult and Lifelong Learning: Asian and European Perspectives and short video on the book edited by Regina Egetenmeyer and Ekkehard Nuissl. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2010.
Professor S.Y. Shah, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.
Susanne Lattke, German Institute for Adult Education, Bonn, Germany.