Seminar C

Seminar C: Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Trainers

C1: Exploring Rural Women’s Learning Motivations
Nguyen Thi Mai Ha, Viet Nam National Institute of Education Sciences, Vietnam

C2: Enhancing cross-cultural Competence among Southeast Asian Teachers in Adult Lifelong Learning
Professor Atanacio Panahon, Ateneo de Malina University, the Philippines

C3: Concept of Citizenship and Enhancing Cross-cultural Competence among Teachers in Adult Lifelong Learning
Professor Vaiva Zuzeviciute, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

C4: Raising Professional and Research Qualification of Academic Staff: the Key Issue nowadays in Latvia
Assoc. Professor Svetlana Surikova, University of Latvia, Latvia

C5: Non-formal Adult Education in Viet Nam 2001-2010
Professor Pham Tat Dong, Vietnam

C6: Are we Nurturing Lifelong Learners through our Higher Education System: Malaysian Experience
Professor Kamisah Osman, National University of Malaysia

C7: Strategies of Professionalisation of the Lifelong Learning Teachers in India
Dr. P. Adinarayana Reddy and Dr, D.Umadevi, India

C8: Lifelong learning for Professionals at Zhejiang University
Professor Shanan Zhu, Zhejiang University, China