Policy and Strategy Dialogue, Shanghai, China, October 2007

Europe-Asia Policies and Strategies Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Lifelong Learning
17-20 October 2007, Shanghai, China

The overall goal of Europe-Asia policy and strategy dialogue in the field of lifelong learning is to bring together policy makers and researchers to discuss main issues and trends in lifelong learning to help improving policies and practices in the two regions.

In the framework of ASEM Education and Research Hub, the network of national lifelong learning strategy with regard to citizens’ motivation and barriers to continuing education and training cooperates with the Chinese related institutions to organise this workshop to share the best practices of lifelong learning in European and Asian countries.

The keynote speakers are the experts from leading European and Asian universities and research institutions.

From Europe
  • Arne Carlsen, Chairman of the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning, Danish School of Education, University of Århus
  • Richard Desjardins, Associate Professor, Danish School of Education, University of Århus
  • Professor Kristiina Kumpulainen, Director of CICERO Learning, University of Helsinki
  • Madame Antra, Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning
  • Professor Kjell Rubenson, Danish School of Education, University of Århus
  • Dr. Barry Hake, Centre for Learning in Organisations, Leiden University, the Netherlands
From Asia
  • Professor Xianjin Dou, National Centre for Education Development Research, P.R.China
  • Nailin Chen, Chairman of Jiangsu?s Association of Adult Education, China
  • Choi Un Shil, Dean, Graduate School of Ajou University, Korea
  • Dr.Noreign MAAROF, Associate Professor , Malaysia National University
  • Professor Sumalee Sungsri, Thailand
  • Professor Xiaohao Ding, Peking University, China
International Organisation
  • Tom Schuller, Head of OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation
  • Dr. Zhihua Zeng, Senior experts at Institute of Development at WORLD BANK
Lifelong Learning Development in China

Lifelong learning is one of the oldest Chinese civilizations. A Chinese proverb, “keep on learning as long as you live,” reflects the basic idea of lifelong learning. But the concept of lifelong learning as an educational strategy, from the ideals to the action, emerged in recent years with development of knowledge-based economy. It was also promoted by the Chinese government in recent years in particular.

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For further details, please contact
  • Richard Desjardins, Associate Professor in the Economics of Education, Danish School of Education, University of Århus
  • Professor Xianjin Dou, Director of Lifelong Education. National Centre for Education Development Research, Beijing, China, email: Dxj@moe.edu.cn, tel. + 86 10 66096549