RN3 Meeting, Manila, Philippines, December 2011

ASEM LLL RN3 Network Meeting, Manila, the Philippines

9-10 December 2011, ASEM LLL Research Network Meeting, Ateneo Profesional Schools Manila

ASEM LLL Research network on “Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Trainers in ASEM countries“ held the seminar “Innovation Approach to Professionalizing Adult and Lifelong Learning in Asia and Europe” at Ateneo University, Manila, the Philippines.


The network members agree to focus successively on the issues of validation and competencies in the coming years.
For each topic a tool is currently available within the network which may serve as the basis for the future joint and comparative work; The Validpack tool and the QF2TEACH research tool.

All interested members are then invited

  • to reflect and decide on a possible application of the respective tools in their countries,
  • to determine the modalities for the application of the tool (context/field, target groups, modifications of the tool etc.)
  • to apply and test the (modified) tool in the chosen context/field
  • to report on this adaptation and application of the tool.

The RN3 members will report results to allow comparison between the different countries. The way in which the instrument has been applied, rather than the outcome, will be compared.


Relevant Reports

Validpack – for validation of psycho-pedagogical adulteducator’s competences

Core Competencies of Adult Learning Facilitators in Europe