RN1 Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2013

ASEM LLL Research Network 1 Meeting
19-20 December 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

(Please see official website for the conference here)

RN1 Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2013

First Day

2013 e-ASEM Research Network Conference: Open Educational Resources in Lifelong Learning was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 19 December 2013. The conference was sponsored by e-ASEM, organized by Thailand Cyber University, Office of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education and Korea National Open University, and supported by ASEM LLL Hub. The conference brought together 13 e-ASEM members from 7 countries, invited educational experts and high-level representatives, and a large audience. Participants gave various presentations under the overarching theme of the conference “Open Educational Resources in Lifelong Learning” to exchange the knowledge and experiences, and to discuss strategies and polices for further development of OER.


  • Government Initiative in Developing OER: The Case of KNOU
    : Dongkook Lee (Korea National Open University, Korea)
  • Quality Assurance Model for Open Educational Resources of Distance Learning
    : Prof. Taerim Lee (Korea National Open University, Korea)
  • Contextualization of Open Educational Resources in Asia and Europe
    : Prof. Jan M. Pawlowski (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)
  • Students as Adult Learners’ Comprehension of Open Educational Resources and Its Use in Self-Directed Learning
    : Prof. Rita Birzina (University of Latvia, Latvia)
  • Open Educational Resources Pedagogical Perspectives of Thai
    : Ms. Shu-Hsiang Chen (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  • Open Educational Resources: Malaysian Higher Learning Institution Initiatives
    : Prof. Norazah Nordin (University Kebangsaan, Malaysia)
  • Open Educational Resources in China: Research, Policies and Practices
    : Prof. Lina Wang (The Open University of China, China)
  • Open Educational Resources in India: Emerging Challenges
    : Prof. Karanam Pushpanadham (The M.S. University of Baroda, India)

Please see the conference program on the conference website for further information.

Second Day

2013 e-ASEM Research Network Meeting (Internal RN1 Meeting) was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 20 December 2013. The meeting was attended by 14 e-ASEM members from 7 countries. During the meeting, the discussions mainly focused on collaborative research activities and the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) was chosen for the next year’s research topic. The research outline will be further discussed and shaped during the ASEM LLL Hub Forum in Malaysia, in June, 2014.


  • Taerim Lee
  • Bowon Kim
  • Dongkook Lee
  • Thapanee Thammetar
  • Jaitip Nasongkhla
  • Shu-Hsiang Chen
  • Norazah Nordin
  • Lina Wang
  • Huiqin Li
  • Karanam Pushpanadham
  • Jan M. Pawlowski
  • Rita Birzina
  • Eunkyoung Yeon
  • Na-Hyeon Kim
  • Anders Martinsen

Meeting Agenda:

  • ASEM LLL Hub’s Strategic Views on e-ASEM
  • Current Research Collaboration and 2013 Publication Schedule
  • 2014 Collaborative Research Topic
  • 2014 e-ASEM, Research Network 1, Meeting
  • Facilitation of Members’ Communication

Network Members

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