RN4 Meeting, Riga, Latvia, June 2009

ASEM LLL Hub Research Network 4 National strategies of Lifelong Learning Riga, Latvia, 16-19 June 2009

Following the annual network meeting and annual international conference in Beijing in November 2008, the Research Network 4 Meeting in Riga aims at bringing together policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs involved in working out National strategies for lifelong learning and investigating barriers against continuing education and training.

At the Beijing Conference the network came up with four possible project proposals :

  • Emerging markets for Lifelong Learning
  • Towards National Systems of LLL, National Strategies, Financing and Qualification Staff
  • The Patterns and Trends of Participation in LLL among Different Groups
  • Mapping National Strategies of Lifelong Learning (from pre-school to adult education and learning)

During the Riga meeting experts from eight countries: China, Denmark, Finland, France, Latvia, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, will discuss further possible collaboration in scientific projects. The participants will discuss relevant topics and research fields, including political analysis, R&D project proposals and their financing possibilities, will come to an agreement on an exact work programme ? a framework for carrying out the common research projects in the period of 2009- 2010. The project results will be presented in ASEM HUB LLL conference in 2010 and they will be developed further based on the EU recommendations in LLL.

The Meeting is hosted by the Latvia University and partly sponsored by Soros Foundation, Latvia.


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