RN5 Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2009

ASEM Core Competence Research Network Meeting.
12-13 March 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

After the official launch and its first netowrk meeting in Beijing, November 2008, the ASEM LLL Research Network5 ‘Core Competences’ will hold its second meeting on 12-13 March at Danish School of Education in Copenhagen.

The major purposes of this meeting are to further develop research topics, theoretical frameworks and discuss the future direction of the Network 5 based on the presentations and discussion last November in Beijing. The discussion will focus on the following:

  • Developing theoretical frameworks on human competences which can be used as a basis for future research: both foundational and domain-specific aspects of core competences. If the former relates to the nature and function of human competences, the latter has more to do with domain specific competences such as personal, analytic, and communicative (including intercultural) competence.
  • Sharing visions on what the Network’s final products look like: the aim is to have concrete theoretical and practical products of the research by 2010.
  • Planning major activities and research targets during 2009: possible research agenda, collaboration research and space for presenting the research findings including conference in Seoul in october 2009, books and international journals.

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