Under the overarching theme “Frameworks for Supporting Lifelong Learning”, each of the five research areas above will cover some of the following sub-themes:

Institutional financing for lifelong learning

a.  Responsibilities and role of government and market

b.  Diversify revenue resources for lifelong learning

c.  Financial aid for lifelong learners

d.  Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefits analysis of lifelong learning programs

Institutional or organizational innovations  

e.  Effective integration of formal and informal education for lifelong learning

f.  Organizational innovations in government and non-government sector

g.  Public-private partnership for lifelong learning

Legal environment and legislative support for lifelong learning

h.  Critical analysis of legal environment and/or legislative support in individual countries

i.  Cross-national comparison of legal environment and/or legislative support for lifelong learning

j.  Discussion about international organizations’ regional policies for implementing lifelong learning initiatives

Conceptual frameworks for lifelong learning

k.  Relation between institutional and theoretical framing for lifelong learning

l.  Theories about learning to understand lifelong learning

m.Cultural impacts on the understanding and support of lifelong learning