EMM2, Hanoi, Vietnam, May 2009

ASEM LLL Hub’s Participation at the 2nd ASEM Education Ministers Meeting
Hanoi, 14-15 May 2009

Building on the success of the first ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting in Berlin, May 2008, the second ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting, held in Hanoi on 14-15 May 2009 focused on:

  • strengthening cooperation in higher education by forging strategic partnerships for quality assurance, credit recognition and transfer in ASEM countries
  • sustainable human resource development for ASEM’s future needs through the promotion of lifelong learning and vocational education and training to enhance mobility and employability

At the Meeting, the Chairman of the ASEM LLL Hub, Mr. Arne Carlsen, was invited to deliver a presentation on the research cooperation between Asian and European universities and ministries in lifelong learning since 2005. The ASEM LLL Hub provides a platform for dialogue between researchers, practitioners and policy makers in order to create foundation for research-based educational policy making and research-informed practices for sustainable human resource development to meet ASEM’s future needs. The Education Ministers at the Meeting strongly supported the work of the ASEM LLL Hub.

The ASEM LLL Hub’s publications were exhibited and well received at the ASEM EMM2.

Read more about the meeting results and conclusions here