1. Each of the following members delivered a presentation on a specialized theme at the four parallel seminars of the meeting ; Alena Ilavska, Juvy Lizette Gervacio, Lars Birch Andreasen, Taerim Lee, Tsuneo Yamada, Bowon Kim, Karanam Pushpanadham, Norazah Nordin, and Mie Buhl.

2. Research Network 1 had a mini seminar composed of two presentations by Professor Inés Gil-Jaurena (Spain) and Anuchai Theeraroungchaisri (Thailand), followed by an internal meeting on the following agenda: plans for journal publication, progress of National Reports and collaborative research project on MOOCs (continued from the Bali Meeting).

(Agenda 1) Proposal for Journal Publication -by Professor Mie Buhl and Lars Birch Andreasen

Any members interested in contributing to the Internal Review of Education-Journal of Lifelong Learning, one of two UNESCO journals of education, were encouraged to send his/her proposal to Professor Mie Buhl and Lars Birch Andreasen no later than November 16.

The proposal should be 600 words or less and it should be on any of the suggested topics and include an introduction, theoretical framework, methodology and references. The publication process is expected to last for one year and a half.

(Agenda 2) Progress of National Reports (Final Deadline : November 20)

1. National Reports were to be submitted by end of June followed by peer-reviews, but four papers have not been submitted yet. The final deadline of 20th Nov was set and notified. The Reports that do not undergo peer-review or revisions will not be included in the final booklet to be published by the end of this year.

2. There was a suggestion to make the publication in e-book form for an easy distribution. This will be taken into consideration by RN1 Secretariat.

(Agenda 3) Collaborative Research on MOOCs (Second Stage Project)

The pairings for the collaborative research were finally completed as below and each team is encouraged to carry forward their research.

Ÿ MOOCs-readiness: Latifah, Mansor and Choi

Ÿ Quality Assurance: Jan and Taerim

Ÿ Educational Technology and Engagements: Jaitip and Rita

Ÿ Learning Cultures: Norazah and Hasse

Ÿ Instructional Design: Karanam, Mie, and Lars

Ÿ Sustainability and Implementation: Alena and Juvy

Ÿ Learning Analytics: Ines, Yamada and Anuchai


The agreed tentative schedule is to complete all the drafts by mid-August 2016, which will be presented and discussed in our next conference due around autumn 2016 (specifics are not decided yet). Before publication end of 2016, it was proposed that the members should have a chance to cross-read/peer review each other’s paper, and exchange thoughts.

List of participants:

Bowon Kim (coordinator, Korea)

Mie Buhl (co-coordinator, Denmark)

Taerim Lee (Korea)

Norazah Nordin (Malaysia)

Tsuneo Yamada (Japan)

Lars Birch Andreasen (Denmark)

Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio (Philippines)

Alena Ilavska-Pistovcakova (Slovakia)

Inés Gil-Jaurena (Spain)

Pushpanadham Kranam (India)

Anuchai Theeraroungchaisri (Thailand)

Whayoung Cha (Secretariat, Korea)

  • RN 1 Meeting, New Delhi, India, November 2015
  • RN 1 Meeting, New Delhi, India, November 2015
  • RN 1 Meeting, New Delhi, India, November 2015
  • RN 1 Meeting, New Delhi, India, November 2015