29 May 2012

 29 May 2012
Tuesday 29 May – Forum on Lifelong Learning
0800-0900Registration in the Foyer of A220 Festsal
Morning Plenary Session in A220 Festsal, Building A
0900-0905Welcome and Introduction, Chair Claus Holm
0905-0910Opening Remarks by Jan Ifversen, Vice-dean for Knowledge Exchange
Aarhus University
0910-0915Opening Remarks by Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
0915-0930https://asemlllhub.org/wp-content/uploads/attachments/Danish_Minister_speech_ASEM_Lifelong_Learning_Forum.pdfOpening Speech by Ms Chiristine Antorini, Danish Minister of Children and Education
0930-0945Opening Speech by Kim Kwan-Bok, Korean Deputy Minister of Human Resource Policy
0945-0950Introduction to the themes and profiles of the keynote speakers. Chair Claus Holm
0950-1030Keynote 1: Overlapping Worlds: Asian and European Experiences of Learning and Working
Professor Lynne Chisholm, University of Innsbruck, Austria
1030-1100Coffee break in the Atrium, ground floor
1100-1140Keynote 2: Europe and Asia: Common and Different needs for Professionalisation
in Adult Learning and Education

Professor Ekkehard Nuissl, German Institute for Adult Education
1140-1200Open discussion with the keynote speakers. Chair: Claus Holm
1200-1205Introduction to Poster Session, Chair Claus Holm
1205-1215Poster Session on large screen in the Atrium, ground floor
1215-1245Press Conference at A308, Chair Claus Holm
1215-1330Lunch in the Atrium, ground floor

1330-1500 Session 1: Four parallel seminars

1330-1500Seminar A at Room D174: Workplace Learning. Chair: Professor Lynne Chisholm
A1: Workplace Incivility: Scale Development and its Relationship with Employees’ Learning Attitude
Professor James Jian-Min Sun, Renmin University, Beijing, China
A2: Supporting Connectivity in Cross-border Vocational Education: the Case of Business Internship Advisors
Professor Annette Ostendorf, Innsbruck University, School of Management, Austria
A3: From Rational Choice to Biographical Negotiation: Challenging Dominant Policy Paradigms through Interdisciplinary LLAKES Research
Professor Karen Evans, Institute of Education, University of London, UK
A4: Workplaces as Key Transformative Learning Spaces for Facing Socioeconomic Crisis in Post-Soviet Contexts: The Case of Latvia
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elina Maslo, University of Latvia, Latvia
1330-1500Seminar B at Room A 220: Key Priorities and Problems in LLL Strategies. Chair: Dr. Han Min
B1: Lifelong Learning Strategies and Policies: A Cross-country Analysis
Dr. Min Han, Ministry of Education, China
Dr. Haixia Xu, Ministry of Education, China
Dr. Jian Huang, East China Normal University, China
B2: Strategies and Practice of Lifelong Learning in Latvia and Thailand
Assoc. Prof. Ineta Luka, University of Latvia, Latvia
Professor Sumalee Sungsri
, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand
B3: Challenges in the Development of Strategies for Early School Leavers of Latvia:
Conclusions and Recommendations from Asian-European Perspectives

Professor Zenaida Q. Reyes, Philippine Normal University, Philippines
Professor Irina Maslo
, The University of Latvia, Latvia
1330-1500Seminar C at Room D169: The Nordic Exceptionalism. Chair: Claus Holm
C1: Nordic Exceptionalism
Professor Andy Green, Institute of Education, University of London, UK
C2: Nordic Exceptionalism traced back to the 1930s
Professor Ove Korsgaard, Department of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark
C3: New Nordic Approach to Lifelong Learning
Assoc. Prof. Søren Ehlers, Department of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark
1330-1500Seminar D at Room D165: Learning Cities. Chair: Professor Jarl Bengtsson
D1: Korean Learning Cities
Min Seung, JUNG, Professor, College of Education, Korea National Open University
D2: EcCoWell-Living and Learning in Sustainable Opportunity Cities
Professor Michael Osborne, The University of Glasgow, UK
D3: The Development of a Network of Learning Cities and a Learning City Index: Rationale and Objectives
Dr. Jin Yang, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
1500-1530Coffee break

1530-1700 Session 2: Four parallel seminars

1530-1700Seminar E at Room A220: Validation and Professionalisation. Chair: Professor Ekkehard Nuissl
E1: What impact does teacher training have on the students’ performance? The effects of a teacher training programme on the students’ outcome
Professor Bjarne Wahlgren, Director of The Danish National Centre for Competence Development
E2: The validation of competencies as a way of professional professional development of adult educators
Professor Simona Sava, Romanian Institute for Adult Education
E3: The status quo and development trends of continuing education in China — the case of Zhejiang University
Professor Shanan Zhu, Zhejiang University, China
1530-1700Seminar F at Room D174: Theorising and Practicing Core Competences. Chair: Professor Lena Lindenskov
F1: The Development of Entrepreneurship as a Core Competence in Interdisciplinary Study Environment: First Achievements, Hindrances and Perspectives
Dr. Karine Oganisjana, Dr. habil. Tatjana Koke, Dr. Andra Fernate, University of Latvia, Dr. Saemah Rahman, University Kebangsaan Malaysia in collaboration with Dr. Lena Lindenskov, Aarhus University Denmark and Dr. Lucija Rutka, University of Latvia
F2: A Method of “Guided Autobiography” for Enrichment of Core Competences
Koichi Sasagawa, Professor, Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
F3: Senior Citizens as Volunteers: New Resources for exploration of Analytical Competence as Core Competence through Mathematics Learning and Identity
Andra Fernate, University of Latvia, Latvia, Dalia Staniulevičienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, Lena Lindenskov, Aarhus University, Denmark
1530-1700Seminar G at Room D169: ICT’s Role for Learning Unlimited. Chair: Professor Taerim Lee
G1: Development, Distribution and Publishing of Cross-media Learning Content for 
Lifelong Learners
Dr. Tsuneo Yamada, Center of ICT and Distance Education, the Open University of Japan (OUJ-CODE)
G2: Professional and Practice Learning Environment
Dr. Mary Thorpe, Professor of Educational Technology, the Open University UK
G3: Sharable Thai OER: Enhancing Learning Unlimited
Dr. Thapanee Thammetar, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Silpakorn University / Director of Thailand Cyber University Project, the Office of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand


1530-1700Seminar H at Room D165: Best Practices of Korean Lifelong Learning. Chair: Un Shil Choi, President of NILE
H1: Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS)
In-Jong Park, Executive Director, Division of Academic Credit Bank System, NILE
H2: Workplace Learning in Korea
Professor Chan Lee, Department of Agricultural & Vocational Education, Seoul National University
H3: University Lifelong Education
In-Sub Park, Executive Director, Center for Lifelong Education & Skill Formation, NILE
1715-1915Tour to Deer Garden. Registration in advance required. Buses leave at 1715 from the main entrance in front of Building A
1930-2130Gala Dinner at Festsal A 220, Tuborgvej 164
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