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Monday 28 May: Arrival of ASEM LLL Hub International Participants
Welcome Reception for ASEM LLL Hub members
(Network Researchers, University Council and Advisory Board Members)
Tuesday 29 May Morning: Plenary Session in A220 Festsal, Building A
Opening Speech by Danish Minister of Children and Education, Mrs Christine Antorini
Opening Speech by Korean Deputy Minister of Human Resource Policy, Kim Kwan-Bok
Keynote 1: Overlapping Worlds: Asian and European Experiences of Learning and Working
Professor Lynne Chisholm, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Keynote 2: Europe and Asia: Common and Different Needs for Professionalisation in Adult Learning and Education
Professor Ekkehard Nuissl, German Institute for Adult Education
Tuesday 29 May Afternoon: Parallel Seminars
Session 1
Seminar A at Room D174: Workplace Learning, Chair: Professor Lynne Chisholm
Seminar B at Room A 220: Key Priorities and Problems in LLL Strategies, Chair: Dr. Han Min
Seminar C at Room D169: The Nordic Exceptionalism, Chair: Claus Holm
Seminar D at Room D165: Learning Cities, Chair: Professor Jarl Bengtsson
Session 2
Seminar E at Room A220: Validation and Professionalisation, Chair: Professor Ekkehard Nuissl
Seminar F at Room D174: Theorising and Practicing Core Competences, Chair: Professor Lena Lindenskov
Seminar G at Room D169: ICT’s role for learning unlimited, Chair: Professor Taerim Lee
Seminar H at Room D165: Best Practices of Korean Lifelong Learning, Chair: President Un Shil Choi
Wednesday 30 May Morning: Plenary Session in A220 Festsal, Building A
Keynote 3: Bridging Asian and European Ways of Learning in the New Globalisation
Professor Anthony B. L. Cheung, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Panel Discussion Part 1. Chair: Dr. Arne Carlsen, Director UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
Panel Discussion Part 2. Chair: Professor Han Soonghee, Seoul National University, Korea

Wednesday 30 May afternoon: ASEM LLL Hub internal meetings

Advisory Board Meeting at Room A200
Part 1: Peer Learning and Experience Sharing
Part 2: Proposals and Recommendations to
ASEM Ministers of Education Meeting 2013 in Malaysia
Chair: Thailand
Workshop on methodology at Room A220
Part 1: Public lecture by Dr. Elizabeth McNess
Centre for International and Comparative Studies
Graduate School Education, University of Bristol, UK
Meeting of University Council and Advisory Board members
(University leaders and Ministerial officials)
Chair: Claus Holm
Room Festsal A 220
Workshop on methodology
Part 2: Discussion on methodology for specific joint
research projects in 5 separate networks
RN1: Room A200, RN2: Room A210, RN3: Room A212,
RN4: Room A 130, RN5: Room A104

Thursday 31 May: ASEM LLL Hub Research Network Meetings to plan Joint Research Projects and Publications
RN1: Aalborg Uni, RN2: Room A210, RN3: Room A212, RN4: Room A 130, RN5: Room A104

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