ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

Learning Unlimited

Conference Booklet and Programme

ASEMagazine #2

  • Are there any limits to learning? Where do they come from? How to identify them? How to overcome them?
  • What are the concepts, policies and practices in lifelong learning in Asia and Europe?
  • What role do researchers and policy makers play in creating lifelong learning opportunities for all in Asia and Europe?

These are the questions researchers and policy makers from Asia and Europe will address at the conference ‘LEARNING UNLIMITED’. The conference is also a forum for ASEM LLL Hub’s researchers to share the latest results of their Asia-Europe joint research projects with academic community and ministerial representatives from ASEM member countries.

The ASEM Ministers of Education at their meeting in Copenhagen last May acknowledged the importance of lifelong learning and affirmed their commitment to enhancing the understanding and cooperation in this field. Not only is 2012 the occasion of the Danish EU presidency, it will also be an occasion to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the visionary UNESCO report Learning to be. In the contemporary economic crisis we need new visions and effective models for lifelong learning.

The main objectives of the conference are:

  • To share knowledge and enhance understanding of the concept and the role of lifelong learning;
  • To exchange perspectives, good practices in developing and implementing lifelong learning strategies in different ASEM countries;
  • To strengthen academic cooperation in LLL research between ASEM universities, hence enhance research capacity and broaden perspectives for ASEM researchers in the field;
  • To facilitate critical dialogues between researchers and policy makers in order to develop research-based policies and enhance the implementation of lifelong learning initiatives;
  • To form a joint ASEM-UNESCO initiative in promoting lifelong learning.


Partners and sponsors: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Danish Ministry of Children and Education, Asia-Europe Foundation; Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (through Korea National Institute for Lifelong Education- NILE), Aarhus University (ASEM LLL Hub); UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL).

Danish Minister for Children and Education

ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

Christine Antorini

Christine Antorini was appointed Minister of Children and Education on 3 October 2011. The Ministry’s vision is “Danish educational institutions must offer programmes of high quality at all levels regardless of academic, personal or social backgrounds”.

Korean Deputy Minister for Human Resource Policy, MEST

ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

Dr. Kim Kwan-Bok

Dr. Kim was appointed as Deputy Minister for Human Resource Policy, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on 3rd February 2012.

Keynote ‘Overlapping Worlds: Asian and European Experiences of Learning and Working’

ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lynne Chisholm

Professor of Education and Generation at the University of Innsbruck (Austria), an international specialist in education, training and youth research in comparative and intercultural context.

Keynote ‘Europe and Asia: Common and Different Needs for Professionalisation in Adult Learning and Education’?

ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Nuissl von Rein

Director of the German Institute for Adult Education-Leibniz Center for Lifelong Learning and Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Keynote ‘Bridging Asian and European Ways of Learning in the New Globalisation’

ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning 2012

Prof. Dr. Anthony B. L. Cheung

President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education