Presentations from the conference

Opening speeches

Welcome and Introduction, Chair, ASEM LLL Hub, Professor Claus Holm
Opening Speech by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Dr Anies Baswedan
Opening Speech by Ambassador Casper Klynge, Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia
Opening Remarks by Ambassador Zhang Yan, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


Keynote presentations

Keynote 1: Lifelong Learning as a Significant Mark of the 21st century
Professor Wing On Lee, Vice President, Open University of Hong Kong
Abstract, Presentation

Keynote 2: Renewing the relationship between lifelong learning and work
Professor Dr Allie Clemans, Monash University, Australia
Abstract, Presentation

Keynote 3: Inequalities in Adult Skills: Why Countries Vary so Much
Professor Andy Green, UCL Institute of Education, UK
Abstract, Presentation

Keynote 4The Role of Lifelong Learning in Human Capital Development: The Malaysian Blueprint
Professor Emeritus Dr Tan Sri Anuwar Ali, President, Open University Malaysia
Abstract, Presentation

Keynote 5: Opening Access to Lifelong Learning: Indonesia Experience
Professor Tian Belawati, Ph.D, President, Open University Indonesia
Abstract, Presentation

Commentary 1: Kamal Mamat, Head of Education, Youth and Training Division, ASEAN Secretariat
Overview of the Higher Education Priorities in ASEAN

Commentary 2: Le Huy Lam, Interim Director of SEAMEO Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning
ASEAN Integration and the need for a comprehensive lifelong learning agenda

Commentary 3: James Waskito Sasongko, Senior HR Manager at PT ECCO Indonesia
Come walk the world with us

Seminar presentations

Seminar A: Getting to Excellence and Quality.

The Effects of Lifelong Learning on Inequalities in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills
A1. Professor Andy Green, University of London, United Kingdom

Getting to be Denmark: From N.F.S. Grundtvig to Francis Fukuyama
A2. Professor Emeritus Ove Korsgaard, Aarhus University, Denmark

The Upgrading Nation. Cultures of Lifelong Learning in Singapore
A3. Associate Professor Søren Christensen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Seminar B: Workplace Learning.

Systemic Challenges in Advancing WPL initiatives: Can we develop a coherent story?

B1. Professor Dr Helen Bound, Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore

Workplace Learning for Development and Change
B2. Professor Dr Karen Evans, University of London, United Kingdom

Indonesian Experiences on Literacy for Life Skills and Entrepreneurship (LLSE)
B3. Dr Ella Yulaelawati, Directorate General of Early Childhood, Non Formal and Informal Education

Seminar C: Assessment and Learning Cultures.

Developing students’ feedback literacy

C1. Professor David Carless, University of Hong Kong

Assessment of prior learning – An efficient tool in a lifelong learning strategy
C3. Professor Bjarne Wahlgren, Aarhus University, Denmark

Using assessment in higher education to develop students’ judgment of their own work – now and in their future practice

C4. Dr Gordon Joughin, Higher Education Consultant, Brisbane, Australia

Seminar D: Will MOOCs Revolutionize Higher Education?

MOOCs for Universalization of  University Education: Promises  and Prospects

D1. Professor Dr Karanam Pushpanadham, The M.S. University of Baroda, India

Beyond MOOCs: Recent Trends in Open Education
D2. Professor Dr Jan Pawlowski, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

MOOCs and Lifelong Learning in Emerging Asia: Tensions Between the Marketplace and Mythology
D3. Emeritus Professor G. Dhanarajan, Wawasan Open University, Malaysia

Seminar E: What is the Point of Lifelong Learning?

10 priorities in lifelong learning of the future
E1. Professor Dr Arne Carlsen, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Comparing the development of lifelong learning policy: the cases of Singapore and Japan
E2. Dr Kaori Kitagawa, University of London, United Kingdom

Higher Education for Lifelong Learning, the Phase II: Universalization of Higher Education and the New Platform of Higher Level Lifelong Learning
E3. Professor Dr SoongHee Han, Seoul National University, Korea

What’s the point of lifelong learning? Narratives from the unskilled on drivers and barriers for learning
E4. Assistant Professor Kristina Mariager-Anderson, Aarhus University, Denmark

Seminar F: Learning Cities.

Big Data and Lifelong Learning
F1. Professor Michael Osborne, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Harnessing the internet and social media to build sustainable learning cities
F2. Peter Kearns, Special Adviser, Learning Cities 2020 Networks, Australia

Seminar G: Digital Revolution in Higher Education.

Technology-enhanced formative feedback for lifelong learning: Emerging classroom practices
G1. Professor Yang Min, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Educational technologies in a globalised world
G2. Professor Cathrine Hasse, Aarhus University, Denmark

Restructuring Higher Education in the Digital Age
G3. Professor Bowon Kim, Korea National Open University

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