Ambassador Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2009

Denmark in the World’s Education
26 November 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

Meeting with Ambassadors to Copenhagen

The global economic crisis is one of the biggest challenges at present, and the crisis makes the input of education and training, of skills and innovation, even more critical than ever before. In order to help our people to survive the crisis by improving their competences; and to prepare ourselves for the new opportunities that recovery and a changed economic order will bring, we believe education and educational partnerships play a crucial role.

Dean Lars Qvortrup welcomed 22 international embassies at the meeting “Denmark in the World’s Education” at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. The event offered an opportunity to create a network of international ambassadors, educational attach├ęs, researchers and international students in Copenhagen to initiate and facilitate mutually beneficial educational cooperation between Denmark and other countries. At this first ever meeting with the embassies, we shared information on the upcoming ASEM Education Ministers Meeting hosted by Denmark in 2011 and the internationalisation strategy of Danish School of Education, its will and capacity to cooperate with the international educational community.



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Ambassador Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2009