Meetings and Conferences



May 13th – 15th, University College Cork, Ireland – *deferred*
ASEM-LLL-Hub Forum


Call for Papers May 26th 2020

May 26th 2020, University College Cork, Ireland
Adult Education in Context; Postgraduate & Early Career Research Conference


5 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium
International Launch of UNESCO Global Report on Adult Learning and Education


4-6 November 2019, University of Innsbruck, Austria 
Workplace Learning in the Digital Era


8-10 September 2017, Zug, Switzerland
Theory Meets Practice: Teacher Training in the Digital Era

12-14 May 2017, Boracay, Philippines
Universities and Communities in Asia and Europe: Creating Meaning for Sustainable Development


8-10 November 2016, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Lifelong Learning and Resilience in Disaster Management: Asian and European Perspectives

3-5 October 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
ASEM Forum in Lifelong Learning: 21st Century Skills

6 – 8 June 2016, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Supporting Adult Education for a Sustainable Life Course: Asian and European perspectives on Education, Work and Citizenship


30 November – 2 December 2015, Melbourne, Australia
ASEM LLL Hub meeting – Engaging Young People in Lifelong Learning

18-21 November 2015, Brno, Czech Republic
ASEM LLL Hub meeting – Intergenerational Learning: Workplace Learning, Community Learning and Learning Within the Family

2-4 November 2015, New Delhi, India
ASEM LLL Hub meeting – Self-learning in a Digital Era

9-11 March 2015, Bali, Indonesia
ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning: Renewing the Agenda for Lifelong Learning


17-20 December 2014, Innsbruck, Austria
ASEM LLL Hub RN2 Task-Force Meeting

25-26 August 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ASEM International Seminar on Lifelong Learning


19-20 December 2013, Bangkok, Thailand
ASEM LLL Hub RN1 Conference and Network Meeting

1-3 December 2013, Bangkok, Thailand
ASEM LLL Hub RN4 Conference and Network Meeting

18-20 November 2013, Paris, France
ASEM LLL Hub RN2 Research Network Meeting

1-2 November 2013, Bonn, Germany
ASEM LLL Hub RN3 Research Network Meeting
Professionalisation of Adult Educators: International and Comparative Perspectives

29-30 August 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ASEM LLL Hub RN2 Research Network Meeting

26-27 June 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ASEM LLL Hub RN5 Research Network Meeting

2-4 April 2013, Hamburg, Germany
ASEM LLL HUB RN4 Research Network Meeting


29-31 May 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
ASEM Forum on Lifelong Learning: Learning Unlimited


12-13 December 2011, Shanghai, China
ASEM LLL HUB RN4 Research Network Meeting

9-10 December 2011, Manila, the Philippines
ASEM LLL Research Network Meeting
“Innovation Approach to Professionalizing Adult and Lifelong Learning in Asia and Europe”

14-15 November 2011, Kuala Lumpua, Malaysia
eASEM Research Network Meeting

8-9 September 2011, Riga, Latvia
‘Core Competences’ Research Network Meeting

11-13 July 2011, Innsbruck, Austria
‘Workplace Learning’ Network Meeting


12-20 December 2010, Copenhagen; Denmark
Vietnam Ministry of Education Delegation Visit

7-9 December 2010, Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam Forum on Lifelong Learning: Building a Learning Society

2-3 October 2010, Brussels, Belgium
Lifelong Learning and Voluntary Activities

11-12 October 2010, Hanoi, Vietnam
ASEM LLL HUB RN3 Seminar: Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Educators in ASEM countries, 11-12 October 2010, Hanoi, Vietnam.

30-31 August 2010, Phuket, Thailand
The e-ASEM Research Network Meeting and Seminar: “Increasing Opportunities for e-Learning in Lifelong Learning”


26 November 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Denmark in the World’s Education” – meeting with Ambassadors to Denmark

29-30 October 2009, Nha Trang, Vietnam
ASEM LLL Conference: “Increasing Opportunities and Removing Obstacles for Lifelong Learning”

29-30 October 2009, Seoul, Korea
ASEM LLL Hub RN5 Workshop:“Managing and Developing Core Competences in a Learning Society”

20-22 July 2009, Bangkok, Thailand
ASEM LLL Conference on “Lifelong Learning: e-learning and Workplace Learning”, 20-21 July

21 July 2009, Bangkok, Thailand
Information Meeting of the ASEM LLL Hub Advisory Board

22 July 2009, Bangkok, Thailand
ASEM LLL HUB RN1 Meeting: “Development of ICT skills, e-learning and the culture of e-learning in Lifelong Learning”

22 July 2009, Bangkok, Thailand
ASEM LLL HUB RN2 Meeting: “Workplace Learning as Competence Development”

28-30 June 2009, Bergish Gladbach, Germany
ASEM Conference: “Teachers and Trainers in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. Professional Development in Asia and Europe”

28 June 2009
ASEM LLL HUB RN3 Meeting: “Professionalisation of Lifelong Learning with a special emphasis on teacher training”

16-19 June 2009, Riga, Latvia.
ASEM LLL HUB RN4 Meeting: “National strategies of Lifelong Learning”

14-15 May 2009, Hanoi, Vietnam
ASEM LLL Hub Exhibition and Presentation during the 2nd ASEM Ministerial Meeting on Education

11-13 March 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark
ASEM LLL HUB RN5 Meeting: “Core Competences”


24-27 November 2008, Beijing, China
Asia- Europe Conference on Lifelong Learning “Frameworks for Supporting Lifelong Learning”, 25 November

24 November 2008
Five Research Networks Meetings

26 November 2008
Council of Universities Meeting

27 November 2008
ASEM LLL Hub Advisory Board Meeting

24-25 October 2008, Beijing, China
ASEM LLL Hub Exhibition during the ASEM Summit at the Great Hall of People

4-5 May 2008, Berlin, Germany

ASEM LLL Hub Advisory Board Information Meeting during the first ASEM Ministerial Meeting on Education


1 December 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ASEM LLL Hub Advisory Board Meeting

29 November – 1 December 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ASEM LLL Hub Meeting

26-28 November 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
International Conference on Lifelong Learning (ICLL): ‘Ensuring Basic Skills for ALL’ under the spirit of Partners, Pathways and Pedagogies

17-20 October 2007, Shanghai, China
Europe-Asia Policies and Strategies Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Lifelong Learning

12-13 October 2007, Seoul, Korea
3rd e-ASEM Network Follow-up Meeting: ‘e-Learning in Asia-Europe: Co-operation & Partnership”


Follow-up conference in Bangkok, May 2006


Opening Conference in Copenhagen, May 2005


ASEM and the LLL Initiative in Copenhagen, September 2002