For the specialist field of lifelong learning, the ASEM LLL Hub seeks to establish and support:

  • a network of leading universities and research institutes in all ASEM partner countries that can stimulate the production of new knowledge and the exchange of experiences between the two regions;
  • a network of specialist researchers across relevant disciplines that can initiate bilateral and multilateral comparative projects in the field of LLL and that enhances the research capacity of partner universities;
  • a network for exchanging students and academics, in the interests of strengthening mutual understanding and higher education collaboration between the two regions;
  • an advisory mechanism between the Hub’s university network and an Asia-Europe open meeting of political and institutional LLL stakeholders, thus casting the Hub as an important source for sustainable human resource development and policy recommendations concerning competence development and effective LLL strategies;
  • information and dissemination of research and good practice to the broader public in Asia and Europe.