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Workplaces as Learning Spaces –conceptual and empirical insights

The Research Network on Workplace Learning (RN2) has directed its attention to the task of decoding working places in Asia and Europe as lifelong learning spaces. Workplaces encompass not just companies and public services, but also a wide range of organisational and social contexts, including non-profit--making NGOs and voluntary work, as well as diverse forms of self-employment, sometimes under irregular and precarious conditions. They offer very different kinds of learning opportunities: some are learning-conducive, others are less so; some provide structured work -related education and training for employees, whereas in others, learning is integrated into the flow of working processes. Learning spaces are constructed through the interplay of workplace structures and practices with formal, non -formal and informal learning. They provide a framework for understanding how opportunities for lifelong learning, including professional and personal development at work, are distributed, structured, experienced and used. Through exchange of information, workshop discussions and joint studies of how workplace learning is provided, practised and understood in Asian and European countries, RN2 is building up a shared body of knowledge that is empirically based, contextualised and theoretically informed.

ASEM desktop study on the role higher education can play in sustainable development through the development of lifelong learning skills

The ASEM Desktop Study was commissioned by the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub) and was conducted by Danish Clearinghouse for Educa-tional Research. The aim of this ASEM Desktop Study was to find relevant research literature about the role higher education plays in relation to lifelong learning and sustainable development in Asia. In a later report, the intention is to perform a comparative analysis of how selected countries in Asia and Europe work to promote lifelong learning in relation to ESD.

MOOCs and Educational Challenges around Asia and Europe

Authors: Bowon Kim (ed.); Wang Ying; Karanam Pushpanadham; Tsuneo Yamada; Taerim Lee; Mansor Fadzil; Latifah Abdol Latif; Tengku Amina Munira; Norazah Nordin; Mohamed Amin Embi; Helmi Norman; Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio; Jaitip Nasongkhla; Thapanee Thammetar; Shu-Hsiang (Ava) Chen; Mie Buhl; Lars Birch Andreasen; Henrik Jensen Mondrup; Rita Birzina; Alena Ilavska–Pistovcakova; Inés Gil-Jaurena

KNOU (Korea National Open University) Press, 2015.

Supporting the engagement and reintegration of 18-24 year old early school leavers in lifelong learning: evidences for targeted compensatory and preventive strategy in education

Authors: Maslo, Irina (Latvia); J. Fernández Gonzalez, Manuel (Latvia)

Contributors: Surikova, Svetlana (Latvia); Pigozne, Tamara (Latvia); Reyes, Zenaida Q. (Philippines); Zuzeviciute, Vaiva (Lithuanaia); Reddy, Dinarayana (India); Uma Devi, Uma D. (India).

Working places as learning spaces: contextualising lifelong learning in Asia and Europe

Maslo, E.; Lunardon, K. (eds.)

Andresen, B. B.; Barbier, J. M.; Bourgoin, F. T.; Bukantaitė, D.; Friedrichsen, A.; Clausen, C. B.; Cohen-Scali, V.; van Dellen, T.; Fennes, H.; Heidekamp, I.; Hirata, K.; Evans, K.; Kersh, N.; Kokare, M.; Kubiliute, M.; Le, Y.; Lespessailles, C.; Mu, G.; Novotný, P.; Ostendorf, A.; Pasqualoni, P.P.; Permpoonwiwat, C. K.; Ramsamy-Prat, P.; Rojvithee, A.; Saller-Kraft, E.; Sun, J.; Vitali, M.; Wittorski, R.; Yasin, R. M.

ISBN 978-3-902863-06-5

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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Facets of Professionalization among Adult Education Teachers – Eurasian Perspectives

E. Nuissl, P. A. Reddy, S. Lattke, & D. U. Devi (Eds.)

New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers


Open Educational Resources in Lifelong Learning

Kim, Bowon (eds.); Yamada, Tsuneo; Jung, Insung; Lee, Taerim; Fadzil, Mansor; Pawlowski, Jan M.; Pirkkalainen, Henri; Gervacio, Juvy Lizette; Nordin, Norazah; Embi, Mohamed Amin; Nasongkhla, Jaitip; Chen, Shu-Hsiang Ava; Birzina, Rita; Pushpanadham, Karanam; Khirwadkar, Anjali; Kovacova, Jaroslava; Szudi, Gabor; Pistovcakova, Alena and Wang, Lina.

KNOU (Korea National Open University) Press, 2014.

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Open Educational Resources in Lifelong Learning

Lee, Taerim; Champatong, Suphat; Kim, Gwang-Jo; Dhanarajan, Gajaraj; Pichitpornchai, Chailerd; Lee, Dongkok; Pawlowski, Jan M.; Birzina, Rita; Na-songkhla, Jaitip; Nordin, Norázah; Wang, Lina; Pushpanadham, Karanam

KNOU (Korea National Open University) Press, 2013

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e-Learning for Lifelong Learning in Ubiquitous Society: e-ASEM Collaborative Research Paper

Lee, Taerim (ed.); Woo, Younghee; Kwon, Jinhee; Park, Jong-O; Fadzil, Mansor; Latif, Latifah Abdol; San, Ng Man; Munira, Tengku Amina; Birzina, Rita; Na-songkhla, Jaitip; Buhl, Mie; Birch, Lars; Ørngreen, Rikke; Levinsen, Karin; Rattleff, Pernille; Pistovčáková, Alena; Kováčová, Jaroslava

KNOU (Korea National Open University) Press, 2013

ISBN 978-89-20-01127-6

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Decoding the meanings of learning at work in Asia and Europe

Chisholm, Lynne; Lunardon, Katharina; Ostendorf, Annette; Pasqualoni, Pier Paolo (eds.)

Innsbruck University Press, 2012

ISBN 978-3-902811-55-4






e-ASEM White Paper Vol. II: e-Learning for Lifelong Learning

Lee, Taerim (ed.); Birzina, Rita; Gervacio, Juvy Lizette; Jones, Sarah; Fadzil, Mansor; Abdol Latif, Latifah; Pawlowski, Jan M.

Korea National Open University Press, 2012

ISBN 978-89-20-00950-1 93370

Cover page and Table of Contents

Country Reports

Book review






Vietnam Forum: Lifelong Learning - Building a Learning Society (December 2010)

The proceedings contain 36 papers submitted to the Forum by 45 educational specialists and academics from 17 ASEM countries.

Download PDF version here.

The book has involved many individuals, institutions and organisations and has been made possible through the financial support of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, UNESCO Hanoi and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Core Competences Book 2010


Managing and Developing Core Competences in a Learning Society

Han, SoongHee (ed.)

Seoul National University Press, 2010





eASEM White Paper 2010


eASEM White Paper: e-Learning for Lifelong Learning

Kim, Bowon (ed.)

Korea National Open University Press, 2010

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Teachers and Trainers Book 2010


Teachers and Trainers in Adult and Lifelong Learning: Asian and European Perspectives

Egetenmeyer, R. and Nuissl von Rein, Ekkehard (eds.)

Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2010

Book Review by Que Anh Dang




Lars Q Beijing Book ASEM LLL


Frameworks for Supporting Lifelong Learning

Weifang, M. and Qvortrup, L. (eds.)

Beijing: Tong Xin Publishing House, 2010

ISBN 978-7-80716-971-0

Key facts about the book






Teachers and Trainers in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Professional Development in Asia and Europe

Journal of Educational Sciences, Volume 11, Nr 1 (19), 2009

West University of Timisoara and Romanian Institute of Adult Education, June, 2009 (ISSN 1454 7668)

Sava, Simona (editor-in-chief)
Egetenmeyer, Regina (guest editor)
Lupou, Raluca (co-editor)

- Responsibility, Competences and Profile of People Working in Adult Education.
- Professionalisation of Adult Education - a look into several regions and nations.
- Qualification for people working in Adult Education - Some examples.



Pracoviste Jako Prostor K Ucení (Workplace Learning)


Contemporary Issues in Workplace Learning: An Introduction. (CD-ROM) 

Pracoviste Jako Prostor K Ucení (Workplace Learning)

Novotný, Petr (ed.)

Brno: Masaryk University Press, 2009

Contemporary Issues in Workplace Learning: An Introduction. (CD-ROM)

Brno: Masaryk University Press, 2008



Teachers and Trainers in adult Education and Lifelong Learning


Teachers and Trainers in adult Education and Lifelong Learning

German Institute for Adult Education, June 2009 



Frameworks for Supporting Lifelong Learning - Asia-Europe Conference on Lifelong Learning


Frameworks for Supporting Lifelong Learning

Asia-Europe Conference on Lifelong Learning

Peking University, November 2008



Competence development as workplace learning


Competence development as workplace learning

Innsbruck University Press, 2007

This publication addresses the challenge how working places might best be educationally (re-)constructed as learning spaces for developing competences for professional but also for public and private life. The contributions from Austria, the People's Republic of China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Malaysia, Thailand and the United Kingdom, covering also Germany, the Nordic countries and Ireland, are the outcome of an international research seminar held at the University of Innsbruck in September 2006 within the framework of the "Asia-Europe-Meeting Research and Education Hub on Lifelong Learning" (ASEM-LLL), in particular its research network on competence development as workplace learning.



Procedings on Lifelong Learning


Conference on Lifelong Learning

"Ensuring Lifelong Skills for All under the Spirit of Partners, Pathways and Pedagogies"

Malaysia National University, December 2007



Building up Lifelong Learning Communities: Challenges and Opportunities


Building up Lifelong Learning Communities: Challenges and Opportunities

Community Education Committee of Xuhui District, Shanghai, October 2007



e-Learning in Asia-Europe: Co-operation & Partnership


 e-ASEM Network Follow-up Meeting

e-Learning in Asia-Europe: Co-operation and Partnership

Korea National Open University, October 2007

e-ASEM Network Follow-up Meeting (CD ROM)

Korea National Open University, October 2007