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ASEMagazine no.2

Lifelong Learning and Respect for the Cultures of Learning

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You are reading the second issue of the ASEMagazine for Lifelong Learning which is released on the occasion of the ASEM Forum 'LEARNING UNLIMITED' in Copenhagen in May 2012.
The learning city is not a T-shirt
Today more than 1,000 cities in the world have become learning cities. However, the idea of becoming a learning city is not just a brand on a T-shirt. Professor Norman Longworth (UK) describes the situation of building learning cities in Asia and Europe.

The geopolitics of feelings
The west is wrapped in a thick blanket of fear and it is putting life on hold. While Europe is pessimistic and unambitious Asia is booming and full of hope. The consequences are enormous and if Europeans do not regain hope, ‘brain drain’ will soon equal intelligentsias exodus from the West. This is the analysis of the canny French political scientist Dominique Moïsi.

A new Nordic approach to lifelong learning has been created
A new report from the Nordic Council of Ministers confirms a shift from an education policy to a competence policy in the Nordic countries. “The reason for this is that Nordic countries have realized that they must transform from being welfare states to successful competitive states in the global market,” says researcher – and co-author of the report – Søren Ehlers.

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ASEM LLL Hub Secretariat
Copenhagen, May 2012 

ASEMagazine  No2 May 2012