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Vietnamese Delegation Study Visit, Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2010

Vietnamese Vice Minister of Education, Dr Nguyen Vinh Hien and the delegation had a meeting with Danish Minister of Education, Ms. Tina Nedergaard on 13 December 2010 in Copenhagen.

The one-week study visit to Denmark of the Vietnamese delegation was to obtain better understanding of policy and practices in building a lifelong learning system and a learning society in Denmark in order to draw experinces for developing a new strategy for lifelong learning and building a learning society in Vietnam in the period of 2011-2020.

Key Facts about Lifelong Learning in Denmark

Visit to DPU on 14 and 16 December 2010

Full Programme

14 December: Meeting with ASEM LLL Hub

  • Welcome and Introduction by International Director of DPU AU, Dr. Arne Carlsen
  • Objectives and Expectations of the meeting by Vice Minister Nguyen Vinh Hien, MOET, VN
  • ASEM cooperation in Education. EU Council of Ministers: new agreed strategy for European  cooperation in education and training by Dr. Arne Carlsen, Chairman of ASEM LLL Hub
  • Structure and Development of ASEM LLL Hub
    By Ms. Que Anh Dang, Head of Secretariat for ASEM LLL Hub.
  • Development of ICT-skills, e-learning and the culture of e-learning in LLL.
    By Associate Professor, Ms. Mie Buhl, ASEM LLL Research Network 1
  • Workplace Learning.
    By Associate Professor, Steen Høyrup
  • Professionalization of teacher  and trainers in adult and lifelong learning: Presentation and Paper
    By. Prof., Mr. Bjarne Wahlgren, ASEM LLL Research Network 3
  • ASEM competence-based curriculum development.
    By Professor, Ms. Lena Lindenskov, ASEM LLL Research Network 5
  • The history of Labour Market Training in Denmark: Presentation and Paper
    By Dean Lars Qvortrup

16 December: Meeting with Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme in LLL: Policy and Management, and with the Continuing Education Department

Assistant Director Eva Lise Eriksen, DPU and Vice Minister Dr Nguyen Vinh Hien
Director General of Continuing Education Department, Mr Nguyen Cong Hinh and Ms. Que Anh Dang, DPU