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ASEM Lifelong Learning Conference
Increasing Opportunities and Removing Obstacles for Lifelong Learning
29-30 October 2009, Nha Trang City, Vietnam

Speeches and Presentations


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29 Oct Dr. Nguyen Thi Nghia, Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Vietnam
Opening statement
Mr. Dam Huu Dac, Deputy Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Vietnam
Opening remarks
Dr. Arne Carlsen, Chairman of the ASEM LLL Hub, on behalf of Mr. Bertel Haarder,  Minister of Education, Denmark
Opening remarks
Dr. Arne Carlsen, Chairman of the ASEM LLL Hub ASEM Cooperation in Lifelong Learning
Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Asia-Europe Foundation Opening remarks
PDF Presentations
Dr. Arne Carlsen, Chairman of the ASEM LLL Hub
Lifelong Learning: Defining issues, Initiatives and their Impacts on Socio-economic Development of a countryfileadmin/www.dpu.dk/asemeducationandresearchhubforlifelonglearning/nhatrangppts/subsites_asem_bangkok-july-2009_20090806120037_arnecarlsen2-asem-lll-conference-20-21-july-bangkok-2009-25.ppt
Mr. Nguyen Cong Hinh, Acting Director General, Continuing Education Department, MOET, Vietnam Vietnam's perspective on Lifelong Learningfileadmin/www.dpu.dk/asemeducationandresearchhubforlifelonglearning/nhatrangppts/subsites_asem_bangkok-july-2009_20090806145634_loboda-presentation-of-lz-in-bangkok.ppt
Prof. Peter Jarvis, University of Surrey, UK

Psychological, Socio-cultural, Economic, Geopolitical and Legislative Contexts that hinder the development of LLL in the two regions

Dr. Patrick Werquin, CERI, OECD Qualification systems to promote LLL, Recognition of Non-formal and Informal Learning

Ms. Anouk van Neck, Delegation of the European Commission to Vietnam Bilateral, Regional and Inter-regional Cooperation in LLL - EU Perspective
Prof. Supachai Yavaprabhas, SEAMEO Bilateral, Regional and Inter-regional Cooperation in LLL - ASEAN Perspectivefileadmin/www.dpu.dk/asemeducationandresearchhubforlifelonglearning/nhatrangppts/subsites_asem_bangkok-july-2009_20090806115950_karen-evans-pktw-asem-bangkok-conference-final.ppt
30 Oct Mr. Morten Pristed Financing LLL in Denmark
Dr. Rui Wang Research and Policy Development in LLL in China
Prof. S.Y. Shah Lifelong Learning and Virtual University in India
Prof. Pham Do Nhat Tien Obstacles to LLL in Vietnam and some suggested Solutions
Mr. In Joo Park Implementation of LLL Strategies in Koreafileadmin/www.dpu.dk/asemeducationandresearchhubforlifelonglearning/nhatrangppts/subsites_asem_bangkok-july-2009_20090806153221_5_quality_development_and_standards_stracke_bangkok_20090721.pdf
Prof. Pham Minh Viet
Lifelong Learning and the Open University system in Vietnam
Dr. Thapanee Thammetar eLearning and Workplace Learning in Thailand
Dr. Hurip Danu Ismadi Issues and Challenges of Non-formal Education in Indonesia