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ASEM International Seminar on Lifelong Learning, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 2014


The seminar was attended by the policies makers, researchers, academicians, industries and community members from both Asia and Europe countries. A total of 140 from 18 countries participated in the seminar.
The objectives of the conference was to bring together experts, academicians, researchers, policy makers, industries and other important stakeholders  to present  and share their practices, ideas, experiences and findings to chart the strategies, future trends, directions and new challenges on lifelong learning. Some specific ones were:

  • to provide an avenue for discussion and exchange of views on issues and challenges related to lifelong learning practices, policies and research;
  • to share and disseminate new research findings related to lifelong learning practices, policies and knowledge;
  • to share effective practices with regard to lifelong learning practices, policies and research;
  • to illustrate regional and international practical examples related to lifelong learning practices, policies and research;
  • to enhance intellectual dialogues and exchange of ideas lifelong learning practices, policies and research between lifelong learning service providers, industries, policies makers, educators, researchers , NGOs and other stakeholders.

The seminar was presented by Emeritus Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Anuwar Ali (President of Open University Malaysia), Associate Prof. Dr. Claus Holm (Chair of ASEM Education and Research Hub for LLL) and Prof. Dr. Arne Carlsen (Director of UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning). The following plenary session and workshops were delivered by both the Asia and Europe researchers according to the sub-themes. Most of these researchers came from ASEM LLL Hub:

  • Prof. Dr. Allie Clemans, Monash University, Australia (RN4)
  • Prof. Dr. Mansor Fadzil, Open University Malaysia, Malaysia (RN1)
  • Prof. Dr. Atsushi Makino, The University of Tokyo, Japan (RN4)
  • Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak, Leibniz University Hanover, Germany (RN4)
  • Prof. Dr.paed. Ineta Luka, University of Latvia, Latvia (RN4)
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Pawlowski, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (RN1)
  • Prof. Dr. Mie Buhl, Aalborg University, Denmark (RN1)
  • Prof. Dr. Bowon Kim, Korea National Open University, Korea (RN1)
  • Ms. Areeya Rojvithee, Thailand (RN2)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Ruhizan Mohammad Yasin, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia (RN2)
  • Prof. Dr. Milan Pol, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (RN2)

A Final Report from the seminar has been developed from the Ministry of Education Malaysia. Please read the report here.

A website has been developed for the seminar. Here you will be able to find the presentation and pictures from the seminar. Please visit the website here.

At the end of the second day, Research Network 1, Development of ICT skills, e-learning and the culture of e-learning in Lifelong Learning, and Research Network 2, Workplace Learning, held their internal network meetings. See the links below for the external minutes.

Research Network 1 internal meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 August 2014

Research Network 2 internal meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 August 2014